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Covid-19 FAQs


It is strongly recommended that visitors become fully vaccinated prior to entering district facilities.

What are current mask requirements?

Facemasks are encouraged but not required. 

Facilities and Cleaning

Are there enhanced cleaning protocols on our campuses?

Yes, there are enhanced cleaning protocols in place. We will continue to follow those established protocols (electrostatic spraying, disinfecting high touch areas and quick response to any/all reported infected areas). There will not be any cleaning between classes throughout the day. All cleaning will be done once per evening, after classes and campuses have closed.

Will extra cleaning supplies (sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer) be made available to service areas and departments?

Hand sanitizer will continue to be available in all rooms. Wipes are available as supplies allow in division offices. Disposable masks will continue to be available in all areas as well – classrooms and division offices.

What efforts have been made to ensure that ventilation systems are functioning properly?

There is a current district-wide project to assess and repair ventilation and filtration systems to meet the CDC/OSHA HVAC recommendations. This work is active and on-going. Our expectation is that the areas initially identified as priority – those that will be occupied during fall semester – will be mostly completed prior to the start of the semester.