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Diablo Valley College
This page outlines your Lumens training plan. Please note that we will generally follow this schedule but may re-order the topics based on your needs. 
Scheduled Training Sessions:

Session X: (MM/DD): Lumens Demo - If Requested  Watch Now
Workbook: No workbook

  • Staff View: Menu Options, Log-in as, Staff assist Registration, Instructor Bio
  • Student: Add Student Profile, Student Self-registration, Review Student Dashboard
  • Instructor: Edit Instructor Profile, View/print Rosters & Sign-in Sheets, Email Students

Session 1: (01/27): System Set Up Files  Watch Now
Workbook: Pro - Level 1

  • System Options: System Preferences, Financial Policies, Instructional Calendar 
  • Financial Management: Accounting Codes
  • Instructors: Instructor Profiles, Job Titles, Education Levels and Company Types
  • Student Management: Student Profiles, Household Profiles, 
  • System options: List Value Mgmt
  • Categories/Subcategories: Alt Subcategories, 
  • Courses: Delivery Type, Schedule Type, Clone
  • Classes: Schedules Types, Confirmations, Reminders, 
  • Catalog: Catalog Requestor
  • Course Series Management:  Building/Creating, Listing 

Session 2: (02/01): Class Registration (1-2 Sessions)  Watch Now
Workbook:Pro - Level 1, Pro - Level 2



  • System options:  Template Management
  • Website Templates: Guest, Learner, Instructor, Staff Welcome Pages
  • Email Templates: Profile Notice, Registration Confirmations, Custom confirmations
  • Custom E-mail Templates: Confirmations, Reminders
  • Custom Web Page Templates: eg. Training Page 
  • Registrations: Late Registrations, Cancels, Transfers, Waiting Lists
  • Registrations: Response Analysis, Collection of fields at Registration
  • Shopping Cart: Payment Methods, Promotions, Donations, Gift Cards, Scholarships, Over/Under payments, Split payments,
  • Class Information: Go/No Go Overview, Instructor Checklist, Status Change, Record Grades/Attendance/CEUs, Release Forms 
  • Instructors: Email and Confirmations, E-mail to Instructors, Instructor Portal

Session 3: (02/02): Website Training Watch Now
Workbook: Website Configuration Workbook

  • Style Sheets: Main Layout Options, CSS and Style Sheets
  • Style Configuration: Colors and Fonts
  • Graphics: Banner Options; Primary, Background, and Other Graphics
  • Menus: Public Menu Structures, All Menus
  • Footers: Pre-Footer, Footer, and Branding Footer
  • Controls: User Controls, Learner Controls, Search Controls
  • Social Media: Social Media Additions

Session X: (MM/DD): Reporting  Watch Now
Workbook: Pro - Level 3

  • Reports: Groups, Features, Filters, Scheduled, Custom
  • Credit Card Report Page:

Session X: (MM/DD): System Options  Watch Now
Workbook: Power User WorkbookPro - Level 3

  • System Options: Power User Settings - Release Form Management, Refund Policy Management, Global Skip Dates
  • System Options: User Roles, Staff Members, Dashboard Admin, Inactive/Delete

Session X: Instructor Management Watch Now - 
Workbook: Instructor Management

  • Program Overview: Introduction 
  • Instructor Profiles: Instructor Profiles, Earnings and Payments
  • Reports: Instructor Reports

Session XX: Document Editor Watch Now


  • Document Editor Fundamentals
  • Document Editor Mail Merge/Merge Blocks


Meeting Recordings (any ad-hoc meetings outside of the training plan)
MM/DD: Insert meeting topic (as link)
MM/DD: Insert meeting topic (as link)
MM/DD: Insert meeting topic (as link)